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Q1. We are a small casino with just 6 gaming tables and 150 slots, can we still benefit from Hit Utopia?

A1. Yes. Hit Utopia enables you to increase market share in different ways. Together we’ll determine whether to have promotional gaming or also side-bet gaming. In addition, we’ll advise on what prizes you should offer in order to make the most money. Where it may be easier for bigger casinos and casino chains to continuously offer Experiences You Can’t Buy, Hit Utopia at times also offers Experiences You Can’t Buy to players around the world without charging the casinos for it. So it’s definitely also something great for smaller casinos.


Q2. Our players only want cash.

A2. That’s correct. Players want cash… but what about all these people that are not playing in your casino yet. I mean, the 95% of the world that never goes to a casino. You cannot convince them to visit you for some big cash prize because for the same ‘impossible’ chance they can win a lot more with a lottery and in a matter of minutes.


Q3. Can we have both promotional gaming and side-bet gaming on our tables?

A3. Yes. As a matter of fact, when doing this, the system works even better. You see, anyone sitting at a table will automatically play for the promotional prize. However, the cash prizes can still hit on their player position but if they haven’t placed a bet, they will not be awarded the prize. That’s how peer pressure is created.  


Q4. Can the system also be installed on slots?

A4. Yes. A patent has just been filed and we anticipate supplying the first systems to casinos later this year.


Q5. Can we link all our table and slots across the USA?

A5. YES. As a matter of fact, you can legally ‘link’ tables and slots all over the world; even on cruise lines.